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Youngjin-Cho September 18, 1999 09:39

[Fan modeling]==Fluent5
When i solve the large indoor space, fan must be treated properly. Fluent Inc. treated the fan as pressure jump,or UDF fan model, or momentum sources.

Built in pannel for fan is very difficult to be treated by normal user.

It is very tedious to find the Monentum soureces that makes eqaul axial fan's out air velocity.

But in general we know the axial fan's out air velocity, air flow rate and outlet area ,so I want to treat the fan as fix velocity condition. When we solve only flow field, it does not matter, but when i try to use fix velocity method together the temperture field and flow field, It's not easy. .... Please help me. Send your help ... thank you

Chris September 18, 1999 13:20

Re: [Fan modeling]==Fluent5

I am currently researching the system effect in fan-heat exchanger-type cooling towers. For my research I have developed computationally cost-effective fan models that utilize the momentum source user-subroutine of the CFD-code I am using. I have versions of the fan model written in Fortran 77 as well as C (C++). Maybe I can help.



Youngjin-Cho September 19, 1999 10:05

Re: [Fan modeling]==Fluent5
Hi Chris. First of all, thank you very much Chris. Today is sunday in Korea, so i late reply, please excuse me. I eagerly want to know and use to that UDF, if it possible. My PC using window NT40 and now I didn't know compiled method in Fluent5 on WINNT40 , so i can use only interpreted method written by c(c++). Please let me know your UDF.... Thank you again your help. Sincerely Youngjin-Cho. 1999.9.19

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