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quarkz March 4, 2007 09:39

Improve smoothness & quality of structured grid

I am currently using arc based TFI to deform my 2D structured grids. Sometimes, for high curvature, the grid quality deteriorates (non-orthogonal) and it is not smooth.

Can someone recommend papers with techniques to improve the quality & smoothness of the grid?

Thank you.

ag March 4, 2007 21:08

Re: Improve smoothness & quality of structured gri
Try doing a Google search on "GRAPE grid generation" and see if anything there applies. GRAPE is the set of algorithms originally developed at Ames (I think) for structured grid generation.

John Chawner March 10, 2007 16:26

Re: Improve smoothness & quality of structured gri
An alternative to using a PDE-based method for smoothing, is to change the basis of the interpolants used in the TFI. Basic TFI just uses interpolants based on the computational indices. Back in the 1980s, Soni introduced arclength-based interpolants that vastly improve the quality of the resulting grid. I think the reference is this:

Soni, B.K., "Two- and Three-Dimensional Grid Generation for Internal Flow Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics", AIAA paper no. 85-1526.

This is what's used in Gridgen (if I have the correct reference). Gridgen also has PDE-based smoothing.

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