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Ozgur M Polat August 24, 1998 02:33

Vortex Rings
Hi! I am Masters by research student and I am looking for the right software which I could use for analysing and simulating vortex rings.

Fabien Coppens August 24, 1998 04:01

Re: Vortex Rings
Hi. In your case, the ideal software would be a DNS or LES code in cylindrical coordinates. Paolo Orlandi from University La Sapienza in Rome has done a lot of work on this type of flow. Check out some of his publications. Good luck.

Joern Beilke August 26, 1998 07:43

Re: Vortex Rings
At the last StarCD users meeting a work from Dr. Menno Eisenga was presented, where he used StarCD for that problem. You can find some information on or you can ask Menno ( for more help.

Hope this helps,

Joern (

Adrin Gharakhani August 31, 1998 14:50

Re: Vortex Rings
Actually, depending on the particular type of problem you wish to analyze, vortex element or filament methods are the most ideal method for solving vortex ring problems (DNS or LES)

By construction they satisfy the far-field boundary conditions and you need to discretize only the vortex ring (in the traditional CFD methods you'll have to discretize a much larger flow domain)

There are presently no commercial vortex element software, to my knowledge, although my company is involved in developing such a code.

Eric Lam October 9, 1998 13:24

Re: Vortex Rings

I don't know if I can help. I have seen that formation in a research experiment and also got the same result in the 3-D simulations. But I have no idea if we're talking the same. Pls. write more about it.


Ozgur Polat October 15, 1998 23:29

Re: Vortex Rings
I have red many research articles on the characteristics of vortex rings especially the formation of vortex rings at the edge of circular tubes and the generation methods. But there is only one research (I have seen so far) in which the formation of vortex rings in air is investigated. Is there someone who studied the formation of vortex ring in air and who used water mist to generate vortex rings in air?

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