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SA March 8, 2007 00:48

Velocity vectors
Dear Freinds,

I am simulating flow in turbomachinery by solving the flow in absolute reference frame for stationay parts and in relative reference frame for rotating parts. Mixing plane is used to couple the upstream and downstream components for data transfer between two reference frames. Now i would like to ask the question:

1. How should be the velocity vectors look like in both reference frames. 2. Should I display absolute velocity vectors or relative velocity vectors. 3. I am using fluent for some cases i get different vectors for absolute and relative frame , but in some cases it shows same. 4. On the surface (solid walls , no slip) velocity is zero then how fluent is able to show the velocity and mach number on surfaces. 5. How a CFD solver calculates the pressure field on solid surface in general and fluent in particular.

I am using coupled solver with ideal gas formulation. And for boundary layer i am using wall functions.

I will be grateful for any help as i am stick up in these all things.


F.B.Tian March 8, 2007 03:04

Re: Velocity vectors
1,ti's different in general, 2,either 3,see 1 4,yes,it's no slip relative the wall,but not zero.that's to say,the fluid particle on the wall can move with it. 5,.....

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