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yzeyue March 8, 2014 07:49

how do we read meshes?
hi, everyone,

I want to learn how to read meshes by Fortran.

I usually read H mesh before, and the mesh is generated by IGG(commercial software).

H mesh is not very good, but I do not know how to read C mesh or O mesh by Fortran.

So, I want to ask that how can I read C mesh or O mesh by Fortran. and if there some books about it----- read mesh which generated by commercial software.


sbaffini March 11, 2014 07:53

I think you are asking the wrong question. In general each grid generator has several output formats which are suited to different solvers. For example, Gambit uses either its own format, which is documented in the Gambit manual, or (among others) the Fluent .msh format, which is documented in the Fluent manual.

Then, if you want to read a mesh produced for, say, Fluent, you have to refer to the Fluent manual. If you want to read a mesh in the native Gambit format you have to read the related manual and so on.

Still, there is no way to simply read the mesh. You usally have to delve deeply in the format specification. If you want an example for the Fluent mesh you can refer to this page:

Where, among other things, i also provide a basic MATLAB reader for a 2D/3D mesh in the Fluent format. You will also notice that, in order to read meshes coming out from Gambit and Fluent itself (which ideally should be the same) some dirty tricks have been required.

Note also that C, O and H grids are not formats but topologies for multi-block structured grids. There is no connection between a grid topology and the output format of the grid generator. Gambit can also produce fully structured grids, single or multi-block; still, the output format is always the same and related to the unstructured grid topology.

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