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david March 11, 2007 18:19

Meshing 2 separate objects
Hello, i'm currently trying to model the carriage of an armament on a wing mounted pylon in 2D, in GAMBIT.

For this model, I have excluded the pylon (effects are negligable) so i'm modeling an aerofoil section, with a separate 'armament' section below it, in a specific postion.

Just to give an idea of geometries, (Ca is the chord of the aerofoil, Cb is the chord of the Armament), the armament has a chord (Cb) 190%Ca. It is located 14.5%Ca below the Aerofoil, the centre of the leading edge of the armament is 65%Ca in front of aerofoil leading edge.

Im having trouble meshing both of them- ok so I can make an easy tri-unstuctured mesh. But how would/could i go about making a structured accurate mesh? Any tips?

Thanks in advance, Dave.

david March 11, 2007 18:21

Re: Meshing 2 separate objects
I should say that the trouble im having is because each shape is separate from eachother, and not eligned/of the same geometry. Ive been trying for hours now, and am not getting anything i'm sattisfied with! Thanks for your time.

Harish March 12, 2007 08:37

Re: Meshing 2 separate objects
For airfoil the easiest method is to use the hyperbolic grid generation if you need structured orthogonal grids.It is also possible to use elliptic or algebraic methods if orthogonality is not required.Draw a line joining the two shapes and generate the grid around the single connected domain.Also you can try the commerical grid generators like gridpro or gridgen.They can generate structured grids.

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