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lucky_m_m March 12, 2014 02:55

Solidification modelling-Continuous Casting- Steady State- FLuent
Dear all,

Currently I am working on solidification problem using fluent software. The physics involved in the problem is thermal buoyancy and porous medium (mushy zone). Moreover, my model also includes pull velocity which is assigned by me with patch option. I am trying to validate a research papers which claims that it solved the problem in steady state.

The problem is that the solution diverges when I solve the equations in steady state. I am using Simple for pressure-velocity coupling, green gauss cell based gradient, Presto! for pressure. Even I have also tried other combinations.

But when I solve same problem in unsteady state it converges easily. I have also tried to solve my equations in steady state after solving the problem for 300 secs but the same issue still exists.

I need to know that is my problem only an unsteady state one or is it possible to solve for steady state. If yes, then how?

Please provide your mail adress if any further information is required.

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