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Max March 13, 2007 15:52

Low Speed Airfoil
I am trying to model a 2D NACA0015 airfoil at low incidence and velocity. I have done some wind tunnel testing and I know that there is a small separation bubble that occurs at about 30% chord. However, I cannot for the life of me get this to be modeled in Fluent. Any ideas as to what sort of viscous model I should use along with discretization and and solver coupled or uncoupled? Thank you for any help you can provide Max

Charles March 13, 2007 18:24

Re: Low Speed Airfoil
That's a laminar separation bubble, and you're not easily going to model that in Fluent. If you run Fluent with no turbulence model, it will probably predict separation without re-attachment there. With a turbulence model, it won't know about the separation bubble. There are ways and means of suppressing the turbulence model where you know the flow to be laminar, but in that case, is there any point in doing the CFD? What's wrong with using Xfoil or Msis for this study?

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