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Gotfred Berntsen September 20, 1999 13:45

C-grid in Gambit

I am a graduate student, and I am currently working on a project that involves doing a 2D computation on a NACA 0015 hydrofoil.

Does anybody know how to do a C-grid in Gambit?

John C. Chien September 21, 1999 01:00

Re: C-grid in Gambit
(1). C-grid is a structured mesh, which has a cut along the wake of the airfoil. (2). The indexing of the domain starts at the upper half of the exit and move upstream. It then wraps around the leading edge and follow the bottom surface of the airfoil back to the lower half of the exit. (In the wake region, the mesh must match along the cut.) (3). The C-grid can be generated by algebraic methods or numerical methods. I don't know whether Gambit can handle this or not. In addition, the points along the cut must match, that is two points at each location. For example, (i=1,j=1) is the same as (i=in, j=1) and so forth.

Poork Eda Peeg September 21, 1999 16:13

Re: C-grid in Gambit
If you have gambit and fluent you may want to use an unstructured mesh instead of a structured mesh. Since you are doing a simulation you should be able to pack a lot of cells at the trailing edge.

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