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Vivek Vasudevan March 17, 2007 17:42

MSH file import
Hi folks,

I have a *.msh file created in TGrid 4.0.16 that I need to reflect. While Tgrid allows me to view a reflection, it does not allow me to manipulte / cnange the reflected entity. So what I see is merely a reflection.

I know Gambit allows for manipulation of reflected meshes / geometries, but it simlpy takes ages to import a MSH file into Gambit. I contacted another user at CFD-online who faced the same problem abut a year ago, but he could never resolve it. I'd appreciate any help / feedback forthcoming from the forum uers to overcome my predicament. Investing in a new software simply for a reflection seems too prepostrous an investment to make! And any way, there's no guarantee that the new vendor would be any more forthcoming than Fluent in providing timely tech support or pointing out inefficiencies in their products before hand!

Is there ANY other software / pre-processor that would allow me to import a MSH file and give me a workable reflection?" Also, though very unlikely, is it possible to achieve a reflection by way of rotations and translations of the mesh/geometry?

Thanks and regards, Vivek

myron March 19, 2007 08:53

Re: MSH file import
ICEM CFD will easily do what you desire.

Vivek Vasudevan March 19, 2007 20:03

Re: MSH file import
Thanks Myron.

Like I said, buying a software simply to reflect a geometry seems like a prepostrous idea. ICEM CFD costs about 6000 USD for a one-year license - which I doubt my supervisor will be pleased to spend just for reflecting an entity!

Anyway, I managed to export the volume mesh created in TGrid as a PATRAN *.neu file, which I could read into CFX5Pre (The pre-processor with CFX 5). I was then able to reflect the mesh. However, I could not find any option within CFX Pre that would allow me to export the mesh back into TGrid.

Could someone advise how do I export from CFX Pre to TGrid?

Thanks, Vivek

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