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Michael K H Kim September 20, 1999 18:30

Re: Transition Model
I work with a CFD code that is a Navier-Stokes solver with Baldwin-Barth one equation turbulence model. I am considering the development of transition model into this code. The field of application is in modelling flows around fan blades.

I would appreciate any kind of input on this topic.

Hongjun Li September 23, 1999 13:30

Re: Transition Model
(1).make sure the scheme used in the original code is time-accurate. if not, you may need to change the scheme. (2).if 3-D, change the equations from absoluate frame into rotation frame using relative velocity, with centrifugal and Coriolis terms, and (3) if for compressible flow, you may want to use rothalpy insteady of enthalpy in the energy equation.


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