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Franny March 22, 2007 03:02

Separation Point over a NACA 0012
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem.I m try to show that is possible to delay the separation over a NACA 0012 using vortex genereators into the sub-boundary layer.I ve done 4 2-D simulations at 4 different a0a in CFX.Now,as the separation happen,I need to determine the distance between the leading edge and the separation point to calculate the geometric dimension of the VGs.Anyone has a clue of how this can be done? After plotting streamlines and velocity vectors,I dont know how to do.Maybe plot the velocity on the polyline and export in Excel and see where the velocity goes down....It looks too rough as definition of an exect point. If you have an idea, please let me know it.

Thanks for now.


Jonas Larsson March 22, 2007 04:26

Re: Separation Point over a NACA 0012
When looking at separating airfoils I usually plot surface skin friction in the streamwise direction in order to specify where it is close to zero and the separated region begins.

Charles March 22, 2007 04:33

Re: Separation Point over a NACA 0012
Plot the shear stress

Franny March 22, 2007 15:49

Re: Separation Point over a NACA 0012
Thank you very much guys.


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