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Mohan Varma September 20, 1999 21:41

Turbine flow simulation data
I am planning to simulate flow in low pressure axial flow turbines at high turbulence levels. I have gone through many publications, but I was not even able to get 3-D turbine blade profiles for flow simulation. If any one have any information about the references for the geometry profiles and simulation data, please let me know

Thanking you for your consideration

Rainer Kurz September 22, 1999 13:14

Re: Turbine flow simulation data
There was a VKI (von Karman Institute, Belgium) Lecture series in 1989 that had some test case for 3-d flow. I can also recommend Fottner,L. ,'Test Cases for Computation of internal flows in Aero Engine Components', AGARD AR275,1990.

clifford bradford September 28, 1999 19:03

Re: Turbine flow simulation data
as Rainer said the VKI has data on airfoil shapes etc for validation purposes, i suppose they can send you the info digitally if you ask nice. the ASME also had some 3-d geometries for a blind test case a couple years back. i guess it'd have the journal of turbomachinery

Ayyapillai Murali October 18, 1999 09:27

Re: Turbine flow simulation data
Dear Mr.Varma,

We are also incidentally looking for similar data for modelling of low pressure axial steam turbine stages.

The only possible way is to contact a power utility /GT user ,obtain an used up/damaged blade from which you can generate the data by a CMM.

If I could succeed in getting the data, I will certainly share with you the same.

Thanking You

Ayyapillai Murali

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