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Franny March 24, 2007 04:22

How to model VGs over a NACA0012
Hi all,i m trying to model a naca0012 with vortex generators on the upper surface and see how the separation is delayed respect to the configuration with no VGs.My idea is to re model the geometry with any cad software or in Ansys design modeler ,re-mesh it and re-run it once again. I was considering also to have a look at the function 'imprinting',because i ve heard that maybe it is possible to use applying the right boundary conditions. Anyone can tell his/her opinion about that?My doubt in re-mesh eveything for the 3D case (I ve done a 2D study already) can create some problems especially at the trailing edge. Thank you for now.


Paolo Lampitella March 24, 2007 13:54

Re: How to model VGs over a NACA0012
A widely used way to model VGs in 3d is that of the source term in momentum equations. The most widely used model is that of Bender, Anderson and Yagle.

I worked on it in my thesis. you can find the abstract at the following link:

It's not so much exaustive but it can give you some references. I also lost my unique copy of the paper of Bender, Anderson and Yagle and i'm now looking for it on the net but it seems to be a mission impossible so i can't send it to you.

Franny March 25, 2007 05:05

Re: How to model VGs over a NACA0012
Hi Paolo,thank you for your int.I ll try to see if i can manage.I m not sure yet,need to sit in front of the program.Im doing my thesys as well,and maybe i will ask you some references.From your link i suppose you are italian from Roma La Sapienza University right?I ve study there as well and now im getting my degree in UK.Ok,cheers for now.


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