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Duncan Gravill March 28, 2007 20:44

very slow calculation speed, any sugestions?
Hi, i have created a model in solidworks cosmos FloWorks and have tried to run a few simulations. they have taken about 6 hours of computation to complete 6 seconds of real time simulation, i want to have a simulation 3 hours long showing a breadmaker going though its cycle of fermenting the dough and then baking it. At this speed it will take 450 days! i think one of the reasons for the slow calculation is that the outer wall is less than 1mm thick (sheet mild steel) and the baking pan is only 1mm thick (deep drawn aluminium) and these thin components are causing a very fine mesh to be generated and so lots of cells. Can anyone tell me if i am correct in assuming this and offer any suggestions of ways to reduce the calculation time even if the accuracy of the simulation is compromised a bit (This is only for a university project so integrity of results is not as important as demonstrating an understanding). thanks for reading, thanks for any help.


Rami March 29, 2007 03:00

Re: very slow calculation speed, any sugestions?
Hi Duncan,

I am not familiar with FloWorks nor with your problem. However, if the the long solution time is caused by an overly fine grid, which in turn is a consequence of the necessity to resolve the thin solid layers, maybe you could treat them as walls (single or double sided, as necessary). This depends on whether your software allows for such (internal) BCs. This approach sacrifices the temperature distribution solution across the thickness of these layers, but - judging from your posting, this is tolerable in your case.

I hope this helps, Rami

Father Jack March 29, 2007 13:47

Re: very slow calculation speed, any sugestions?
Are you making a croissant?

Duncan Gravill March 29, 2007 16:38

Re: very slow calculation speed, any sugestions?
No sorry Just normal bread its just that baking times tend to be longer with domestic breadmakers first they have to mix and heat gently and then bake. is there any reason y u ask if i am baking croissant?

I'm just looking to improve the efficiency of breadmakers really.

maybe i shall look into baking pan au chocolat

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