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Willem Brantegem April 3, 2007 09:39

pressure outlet (open channel flow)
My problem: I've got a channel (under: water, above: air). I want to give in: rate at the inlet, water height at the outlet. Fluent has to iterate till convergence. I tried: mass flow inlet: give in: water rate = ... pressure outlet: give in: free surface level = ... (using open channel flow)

My result: I've got water inflow over the whole inlet (but that's not what I want, Fluent has to calculate the water surface from the free surface at the outlet, to the inlet (by means of the rate I defined at the inlet)) And even at the outlet the water surface is not what I want. He doesn't take the free surface level that I defined.

If somebody knows a little part of the solution, or somebody knows a lot of 'open channel flow', please answer this question. My email:

Thank you, Willem.

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