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Vishwajeet April 5, 2007 11:37

supersonic flow over a flat plate
Hello Everybody,

I am trying to simulate the supersonic flow over the flat plate from chap. 10 of Computational Fluid Dynamics by J. D. Anderson. I have written my code in f90 but my code is not working, means it is giving -ve density and pressure at outflow boundary. Can anyone provide me the correct code for this problem, because I am not able to figure out where I am making mistake.

Thank you everybody Vishwajeet

e.p. April 15, 2007 22:00

Re: supersonic flow over a flat plate
I wrote up the 2D code based on ch. 10 of Anderson a few weeks back. Do note that the guest author who composed this chapter made several errors, the biggest of which is in eqn. 10.4d the third term should contain a tau_yy not a tau_xy.

Also make sure you are differentiating the tau and q terms opposite of the differential equation (IE, in the predictor do a reverse interpolation of d/dx, d/dy, and in the corrector do a forward interpolation of d/dx, d/dy)

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