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Xu Zhou September 22, 1999 05:42

Flame quenching
Dea All,

If "Quenching" and "Extinction" has the same meaning? If the O2 and H2 coexist in a turbulent diffusion jet flame and a "lift-off" occurs near the burner exit, does it mean the quenching phenomenon happens?

All the best,

Xu Zhou

Heinz Wilkening September 23, 1999 11:18

Re: Flame quenching

I might be wrong, so please let me know if you have other definitions.

I was thinking that quenching occurs when turbulence is increased over certain higher levels which course the heat transfer of the flame being higher than heat produktion due to chemical reaction. Then the flame temperature will go below ignition temperature.

Extinction might be more general, eg. the flame finds not enouth fuel or oxident to continue burning.

Ciao Heinz

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