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Amir Omoumi September 22, 1999 18:38

Speziale Nonlinear k-e model

Please tell me about the boundary conditions and wall functions that should be used for 'Speziale Nonlinear k-e model'.(High Reynolds Number)

As I have seen in wilcox book, it most be same wall functions as standard k-e model; but with same wall functions, I get same results as standard k-e model for my working geometery (Impinging jet) for boundary parameteres like pressure distribution on impinged wall. Please tell me what is the right way. Thank you.

Thomas Wolfanger September 24, 1999 07:21

Re: Speziale Nonlinear k-e model
Hello, in my opinion, bc's should be the same because wall functions are based on the assumption of isotropic turbulence. This is true at some distance to the wall, not in the immdiate vincinity (but this region should be bridged by wall functions). Speziales model influences the flow mostly apart from the vincinity of walls.

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