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jack August 26, 1998 02:18

thermal hydraulics?

Who know what is thermal hydraulics? Thanks in advance.

John C. Chien August 27, 1998 11:56

Re: thermal hydraulics?
Thermal means the fluid is either hot or cold. So, you need to consider the heat transfer, or thermodynamic properties. Hydraulic means the fluid is inside pipes or channels. Therefore, thermal hydraulic problems are problems related to hot or cold fluid ( gas or liquid ) moving through pipes or channels. In this case, the pressure is probably an important parameter of the problem.

Rashid Faizullin August 28, 1998 10:38

Re: thermal hydraulics?
Application of thermal hydraulics for large siberian city you can find

I apologize but description are on the Russian.

Also there are demo version

By the way, how many pipes can solve current hydraulics soft? I work with 1000-10000 pipes. Regards, Rashid Faizullin

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