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jyothi April 26, 2007 07:08

1- Why is the need to apply CFD? 2- What are the major advantages and disadvantages of using CFD? 3- What is modelling a physical process means? Why is it essential? 4- What are these items mean in terms of CFD: Discritization, Numerical Grid, Initial Conditions, Boundary Conditions, Sweep, Convergence and Turbulence Modelling.

PART II The overhead projector shown in Figure (1) was found to have an overheating problem of its glass flatbed due to prolonged use. As a computational fluid dynamist, you were asked to study the problem, simulate it and suggest solutions. Figure (1) Simulate the system on the Phoenics CFD Package and present your results in a report format. Make all the necessary assumptions.

Ben April 26, 2007 07:32

Re: request

barik. April 26, 2007 08:52

Re: request This is the link which tells ur first part. Now go to key board, type and type ur other questions. Go to each link. May be u can find some link.

pc April 26, 2007 13:28

Re: request
But it's so much easier to be spoon fed, Ben!

Indiana April 26, 2007 21:32

Re: request
Jyothi, Since you have already solved the problem, why don't you post your solution here and ask for help in corrections? The way you ask your questions make it seem that you just want somebody else to do your assignment! Ethics is a subject taught in undergraduate engineering.....

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