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Yangang Bao September 28, 1999 15:13

solving 3D N-S equations.
Dear friends,

I am trying to solve 3D N-S equations (Low Reynolds number, Non-Newtonian fluid). I want to know some details about Finite Volume Method and SIMPLE-algorithm (especially how to deal with boundary conditions). Anybody familiar with either of them please give me some references and advices.

Thanks very very much


Md. syed Ali Molla September 29, 1999 06:53

Re: solving 3D N-S equations.
Mr. BAO Thank for your quarries. Control volumed method is borrowed from finite element method. You may get some work in CFD in automobiles specially combustion chamber modelling or suction and exhaust stroke simulation in STAR-CD Software of USA. I have modelled combustion chamber of a four stroke engine the controlled volume technique was adopted. you may think of controlled volume by fixing vertices or value of x, y, z. Most probably for finite element you may fix x. and y only but in finite volume you should take it if three dimension.

I am not so much expert and may leave my place of working for 5 months.

Md . Syed Ali PHD STUDENT in UPM, Malaysia and resident of Bangladesh

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