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lindsey malcolm May 9, 2007 05:28

CFD Data Management
I am looking to set up a data management process within our group to monitor what work has been undertaken for future reference. I just wondered what experience users had with this kind of process, what are your best methods/approaches to maintaining a record of what you have modelled? Ideally I want something that requires minimal effort to complete yet contains enough information to allow the model to be re-run at a later date without the original modelling files. I know Fluent (and other s/w) provides an option to export a summary of the model parameters, but this is often unnecessarily long and much of what it contains isn't relevant, or different from the default settings. Any suggestions or tips are welcome. Thanks

Gurkan May 21, 2007 13:29

Re: CFD Data Management
In my previous workplace, I used to keep the *.cas and *.dat files for future reference, in Fluent. (Gambit has a journal save option, which might be handy for passing your jobs to others or teaching).

Running a server lets you work in a better organized manner. (as it generally requires you to be organized.)

Log files should be fine, too. regards,

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