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jinwon May 14, 2007 00:20

smoothed interface capturing method: compressible.
Hi! I am solving two-phase compressible flow. There are a number of interface methods such as ghost fluid method, immersed interface method and so on. But for a compressible flow, interface methods are difficult to set the exact values. More simpler way, the heaviside function method is also applicable. However, the step heaviside function was good for incompressible flow but bad for compressible flow. I chose the smoothed heaviside function instead. I finally obtained the smoothed density and pressure w/o oscillations or kinks.

But I am not sure whether it is physically thermodynamically reasonable or not since the viscous and heat diffusity across the interface can not be ignored.

Let me know whether my smoothed heaviside function method is applicable or not in the multi-phase compressible flow.

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