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asghari May 14, 2007 02:10

Two-phase VOF codes
Can everybody introduct to me some free or commercial codes for simulating two-phase flows using VOF method for tracking of interface specially that group softwares that we can access to their code structure ?

Thanks a lot.

jinwon May 14, 2007 21:13

Re: Two-phase VOF codes
Hey! I am also concerning about the two-phase flows. Actually, my in-house code is implemented with the coupled level set volume of fraction method but it doesn't work for my problem. My problem is the compressible two-phase flow so that the VOF method produces the pressure oscillation at the interface. What is your concern? If your concerns is related with mine, how about discussing this issue with me?

Actually, if you want to implement the code, I can let you know where you can get the information.

Asghari May 15, 2007 01:56

Re: Two-phase VOF codes
Thank you!

I was trying to model Condensation within heat pipes.

At first; I was going to do this project by using FLUENT software. For this purpose , I need to write a UDF for mass transfer between two-phase . Also for this , I need to see how to discretize energy equation or each another advection-diffusion equation in cells surrounding interface .

For example for desired phi quantity , transport equation is written as following:


I used a typical form for discretization of diffusion and advection terms in integral form , but it was proved that discretization method in cells surrounding interface , is different as method as in the single phase.

I had to send my questions to fluent incorpration for finding its answer, but at last , fluent didn't answer to my question and therefore I would rather to use another codes including of VOF methos to see they use wich method for discretization of convection-diffusion equations (codes such as NASA-VOF 2D) . But I don't access to these codes , since they aren't free . If you would like to know my questions that I ask at details , give me your email address and I will send Question file for you .

Would you please also introduct me VOF codes and that : How can I provide these codes ?

Can you inform me how to discretize advection-diffusion equations specially in interface zone in you code ?

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

Hussam November 11, 2009 04:52

Two phases flow
I’m postgraduate student in Iraq and I’m currently working on “SOLA-VOF: A Solution Algorithm for Transient Fluid Flow with Multiple Free Boundaries” Nichols, B. D.; Hirt, C. W.; Hotchkiss, R. S., Published in 1980, Los Alamos Scientific Lab (Los Alamos, NM).

My working “Two phases flow in microchannel Based on VOF Method”, please note the file attachment.

I very need your help.

Thank in advance and I will wait your answer as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Hussam Ali Khalaf

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