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john May 22, 2007 22:15

Large varying body force vs. Rhie-chow correction
Dear Friends

Are you using FVM? Have you met some problems when you implement large body force in the code?

I just wonder how to completely eliminate the influence of varying body force on the Rhie-chow corretion at the cell face.

Thank you for your attention. Any information about solving this problem is welcome

Max May 23, 2007 02:27

Re: Large varying body force vs. Rhie-chow correct
From my knowledge, some papers are talking about it. General approach is to use u_cell_face=u_average+rhie_chow_correction+F_cell_ face-alfa*F_cell_center_left-(1-alfa)*F_cell_center_right

This approach is to try to mimic the treatment used in staggered grid. It seems that FLUENT Software uses this technique. But, unfortunately, FLUENT still poorly calculates the flow through the porous media with large gradient, does not it?

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