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Rajan May 31, 2007 05:05

Regarding iNavier Code

Could anyone plaese reply where i can download the source code for iNavier.(hoping this is open source)

inavier May 31, 2007 05:26

Re: Regarding iNavier Code

cfd_user May 31, 2007 13:24

Re: Regarding iNavier Code
The source code is not avaible. I found only a windows executable..

Gonski May 31, 2007 16:49

Re: Regarding iNavier Code
After you intalling the code, the source code can be found in the directory where you intall the package.

Arjun May 31, 2007 18:31

Re: Regarding iNavier Code
Today I will try to create the linux version too from the current code. So expect an upadte in code in evening. I will notify. It seems that the code now available is still the old one, due to some problems the download page showing the old version only. I got to check this issue.

david June 7, 2007 05:45

Re: Regarding iNavier Code
can inavier solve compressible flow?

Arjun June 8, 2007 08:46

Re: Regarding iNavier Code
iNavier only solves incompressible equations. To add compressible equations we need to add energy equation, so this weekend will tell, whether we could have compressible equations or not.

shirazbj April 16, 2011 09:00


Originally Posted by Arjun
Today I will try to create the linux version too from the current code.

Is there a linux version now? I want to complie it with GNU g++ under windows which I get from here:



arjun April 16, 2011 10:57

There exists a linux version of inavier and with old inavier it shall be in the src folder of source code. You should be able to compile it by automake.

New inavier also there exist windows/linux versions of code. Which is still not online. I am trying to get it online but the person who is supposed to design web page is taking time to do it.

arjun April 18, 2011 19:05

Old iNavier's biggest problem is its matrix solver. Which was not very effective, specially when mesh was large. Old iNavier has additive corrective multigrid, which has problems when matrix has all neumann boundaries.

Due to this reason , I designed new matrix solver and hence ended up rewriting the whole thing. The new version of iNavier has new and very robust multigrid solver. Its performance does not suffer even with all neumann boundaries or when case size increases (say for example few millions of cells). It is very fast and very robust.

By the time, I put the newer versions online, I think fastest thing to do is to replace matrix solver in old version. This could be done by importing matrix solver from external lib. So that old version would be able to use newer multigrid solver too.

I will do that and update the code as soon as i get time. At the moment, i am busy with parallization (mpi based) of new iNavier solver. So all this in within few days.


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