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zhoulin October 3, 1999 04:55

HELP! use ansys to solve cfd
I'm a Chinese girl,I have been using ansys5.3(university)to make calculation on supersonic nozzle, now I don't know how to calculate the nozzle outer fluid field in the air ,when I applied the boundary conditions and began to calculate, it always became divergent,would you mind give me some advice on it ?Thank you very much!

John C. Chien October 3, 1999 20:19

Re: HELP! use ansys to solve cfd
(1). As I said before, the code running in the computer knows only "0" and "1". It does not recognize the race or the sex. (2). It can repeat what was stored in the program, it can not think on its own yet. (3). Talk to the code developer about your problem and find out whether the code can or has solve your problem before.

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