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Emani June 6, 2007 16:28

Jobs in Ultrasonic flow meters
Hi, I have a particular question regarding the scope of Ultrasonic flow meters. I am a mechanical engineer want to get into CFD, software programming/ or desing analysis core field. But I am entry level and started working into equipment specifications like heat exchangers and pumps and have 1 year of experience. Now i am moving to a new job called Ultrasonic flow meters where i will be into its desing(mostly into equipment design) using CAD softwares wiht 20% involvement of Nastran.

I still have the thirst to get into CFD and make that as my career, 1. Can anyone guide if my past experience can anyway fetch for my future goals, any inputs are welcome. 2. I also have a question my past 1 year i dealt with equipment specifications for pressure vessels and compressors, and now iam moving to just flow meters, will this affect my career growth. 3. Please let me know if any one has any clue regarding the growth in the kind of jobs in ultrasonic flow meters. 4. Also I wasnt sure if i can post this message in this forum, but please let me know as i searched the website and found this forum where i can ask a question.


Peter June 7, 2007 02:35

Re: Jobs in Ultrasonic flow meters
Dear Emani,

Look on the internet for aero acoustic papers published and look at the frequency range. Also contact the CFD vendors and talk at them about the frequency range you are intersed in. Get proof of capability before you part with money - there are some rogue salesmen out there.

To be honest, I would expect the answer to be no. The aero acoustic papers I have seen were mostly based on the frequencies below 1000 Hz.

Regards Peter

Allan Walsh June 7, 2007 16:48

Re: Jobs in Ultrasonic flow meters
I don't think that there are a set of rules written anywhere that say if you are working with ultrasonic flow meters then you can't work with CFD.

As it turns out, I started working for an engineering company and implemented a CFD program and an ultrasonic flow monitoring program. Both can be used for boiler combustion and circulating water flow analyses.

If you are looking for an interesting application, try looking at two-phase flow (steam & water) in the nuclear or power industries.

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