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cfd-dude June 6, 2007 19:57

Heat Exchangers NTU relations
Hi all,

I am modeling heat exchangers. I am looking for Heat exchanger effectiveness relations & Heat exchanger NTU relations for 2-PASS CROSS FLOW exchanger both fluids unmixed. I want to compare numerical results with semi-analytical solutions. I cant find them in any book. Most give for single pass exchanger. I am wondering if such relations exist for 2-PASS exchangers. Any references are appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

momentum_waves June 6, 2007 23:16

Re: Heat Exchangers NTU relations
For a 2-pass cross flow unit, split the exchanger in half & model as two units in series. This is standard practice in the industry.

The performance & pressure drop is the same.


Ahmed June 7, 2007 03:33

Re: Heat Exchangers NTU relations
Try looking Heat Transfer (Second Volume) by Jakob, it is an old book but full of excellent information, Good Luck

cfd-dude June 8, 2007 08:42

Re: Heat Exchangers NTU relations
Thanks to mw & Ahmed for your response. MW made an very good suggestion. I might just do that!

momentum_waves June 9, 2007 01:01

Re: Heat Exchangers NTU relations
The suggestion I made is standard design practice in the htd (heat-transfer device) industry. Refer to Ralph Webb for instance. It is logical & it works in practice.

Best of success.


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