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Yogesh Talekar October 6, 1999 00:00

Flow-meter- AGAIN

I am posting this message gain because nobody replied last time!

Can any body help me in finding some liturature for a flow-meter.

It is actually a pipe of about 1.5 inch diameter with a sensor hanged in about middle of it. This sensor is heated by electrical connections and cools due the flow of gas which flows at maximum speed of 0.5 Mach. The flow is calibrated by the temperature of the sensor.

I want to model it using Finite Difference Method?

Can I do it as a 2-D flow intially? Are the boundary conditions at the pipe-wall as NO-SLIP conditions? And what are the boundary conditions for the sensor which is hanging in the middle of the pipe?

Don't forget to mention the references! Please help me with your valuable suggections.

Thank you


Jin Wook LEE October 6, 1999 01:46

Re: Flow-meter- AGAIN
My opinion :

1) Dimension : It should be 3D (because it is 3D flow in 3D geometry). 2) Pipe wall : no slip (classical B/C) 3) Sensor : no slip (classical B/C)

Sincerely, Jinwook

clifford bradford October 6, 1999 11:41

Re: Flow-meter- AGAIN
look in you library for hot wire anemometer. most are constant temperature so in addition to Jin Wook's BC you also have to use constant temperature at the wire. this problem will be very difficult because the last time i used a hot wire it's diameter was 5 microns

Yogesh Talekar October 6, 1999 23:48

Re: Flow-meter- AGAIN

If you have used a constant temperature at Hot-wire, what should i do when i have a small metal object which is getting constant energy to get heated.. but still it cools down when flow starts.

Any suggections?

Thank you


clifford Bradford October 7, 1999 10:57

Re: Flow-meter- AGAIN
constant heat flux BC

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