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R.Senthilkumaran October 6, 1999 15:49

A good algo for a compressible NS
Hello. I am solving the flow past n cylinders placed axis parallel. The flow is a compressible, viscous flow. Can you suggest good schemes for solving this. I will be starting with a single cylinder first. I have limited computational power.. A pentium computer with 32Mb ram. So please take that into account too.

Axel Rohde October 7, 1999 08:19

Re: A good algo for a compressible NS
I am currently solving the exact problem as part of my dissertation. Compressible viscous flow over single cylinder, both fixed and rotating. Mach number 0.5, Reynolds number 350,000 based on a diameter of 0.04m at low ambient pressure 700hPa (1013hPa is sea level).

I am using Harten's UTL1C TVD algorithm on a curvilinear grid for the inviscid part and central differences for the viscous portion of the computation. I have a Pentium processor (200Mhz) with 128MB of RAM. For a 60 by 60 mesh, the computation takes between 1 to 2 days, because of the boundary layer resolution ( delta/dia ~ Re^-0.5 ).

I would give you the source code, but I am planning to turn this into a commercial software package next year. What Mach number and Reynolds number are you looking for? I may be able to run one test for you.

I will send you a GIF image of one of my rotating cylinders.

Your biggest task will be the grid generation for multiple cylinders. Do you have a program for that?

Take care,

Axel Rohde

clifford Bradford October 7, 1999 11:11

Re: A good algo for a compressible NS
if you have limited computational resources an explicit scheme like jameson's 4 step runge kutta scheme is appropriate. you should note that he made improvements to the scheme (the artificial dissipation) since his 1981 paper that most people reference

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