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Ben June 18, 2007 12:06

Question abt Overset & ALE
Hi ppl,

I have some question regarding Overset & ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangianâ€"Eulerian).

If one needs to simulate a cylinder moving in a fluid, he can use the ALE formulation of the NS eqns to move or deform the whole grid to acheive this.

If he's using overset, where there are now 2 grids - one for cylinder, usually structured and one for background, usually cartesian, what and how should the eqns be solved? Is it the ALE formualation for the cylinder grid, ie with a moving mesh velocity (same as above), and the original non-ALE formulation for the background stationary carteisn grid?

Will there be problems at the interface of the 2 grids since they'r using differnt formulations?


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