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dontknow June 20, 2007 16:55

fem solvers

Which solvers are the best for FEM-calculation! Many times I read that direct solution algorithm (based on gaussian elimination) are yet used! Aren't they very bad for solving the sparse equation systems, whats about cgstab-type algorithms, I think they should be much faster and much less expensive in storage cost?!?!

Thank you very much...

chris June 21, 2007 03:43

Re: fem solvers
CGstab is for symmetric positive definite matrices only if I remember correctly. But you're right. Direct solvers are only for toy examples. In real life usually Krylov subspace methods (eg. CG, BiCGStab, MINRES, GMRES) with preconditioners and/or Multigrid solvers are used.

ztdep June 24, 2007 12:51

Re: fem solvers
please have a reference to the fidap users guide.

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