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MC July 4, 2007 08:21

PIV - transitional flat plate flows

I tooks some tests to investigate flat plate boundry layer flow in water circulating tunnel with 2.5m/s average speed, using the PIV method. The plate has a 45 degree wedge at the ledaing edge, 150mm wide, 20mm thickness and 600mm length. A strip of sand paper was installed at the location of 150mm from the leading edge. And measurement plane is at 250mm from the sand paper.

From the resutls, I found that the peaks of Reynolds stress occur near 25mm above the plate. And shape of streamwise velocity profile if different from the well-known turbulent velocity profiles, especially near the plate wall. I think the flow is still under transtion process.

In this case, I can't find some references to compare the results or explain it. Any comments are welcomed. Thank you.

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