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Bounecer July 8, 2007 12:47

orthogonal grid generation
Hi all; I have a fortran code program generating 2D structured C-grid. My question is: How to transform my code program to obtain orthogonal curvellinear mesh instead of general curvellinear mesh?

Harish July 8, 2007 15:51

Re: orthogonal grid generation
Before you do that ensure that the orthogonality is at least greater than 89 degrees to avoid any errors in the computations(Many orthogonal grid generators have been observed to degenerate for certain cases)You do that by calculating cos^-1(g_12/h_1 h_2).Once this is ensured,look for Navier Stokes equations in orthogonal curvilinear form using the scale factors h1 and h2 ( available in Tanheill,fletcher,Warsi, Aris and so many other books).You would need to recode your N-S eqns according to those equations.Also to note is that you would be solving for the contravariant velocity components and not the cartesian components.So the implementation of boundary condition might be different if you are using euler equations.

A.S. July 9, 2007 00:06

Re: orthogonal grid generation

Can I get your grid generator, I am writing a solver in generalized coordinates for airfoil



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