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Ruben July 11, 2007 01:37

Potential flow

Can anybody advice me about the numerical solution of potential flow problems. I have some questions about that

- are this equations useful for real applications (for compressible and incompressible cases)?

- which boundary condition for the potential function I need to impose (for compressible and incompressible cases)?

- when I compute the potential function, how can I compute the pressure (for compressible and incompressible cases)?

Thank you very much in advance,


gocarts July 11, 2007 13:50

Re: Potential flow
Within their inviscid bounds, panel methods (surface based potential flow solvers) have seen real applications. Subsonic, incompressible and compressible (using corrections such as Prandtl-Glauert) panel methods are adept at calculating lift forces over streamlined objects such as airplanes, yacht sails and racing cars. With boundary layer coupling drag prediction is also possible. Find out more:

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