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amir July 31, 2007 14:13

driven cavity code
Dear all freinds i faced whit sevral problems on writing a cfd code for driven laminar flow in a cavity (FVM). do you have any fvm code that help me and send it for me? Whit king regards Amir

rt July 31, 2007 15:08

Re: driven cavity code
Salam amir,

codhaye M. Peric ra emtehan kon (, agar ketab o ra bekhoni karat sade mishe.

amir August 2, 2007 13:39

Re: driven cavity code
Salam man ye barname neveshtam vali khob javb nemide. mikham toseash bedam be halate dige ama hamin ke neveshtam javabash hamishe dodorst nist. agar code nveshte shodehi darid v momkene baram befrestid. ya man code befrestam . Mamnun Amir

Bart Weisser August 2, 2007 16:15

Re: driven cavity code
Salem Amir:

What do you need it for? Is there a specific algorithm (SIMPLE, PISO, etc) or programming language (C, C++, FORTRAN) you need to follow? I may be able to help you.


rt August 3, 2007 02:17

Re: driven cavity code
ur email?

amir August 3, 2007 12:20

Re: driven cavity code

amir August 3, 2007 12:24

Re: driven cavity code
Dear Bart Weisser under rt's patronage, i will solve my problem tank you for your attention and kindness. Amir

amir vosoogh August 25, 2007 18:08

Re: driven cavity code
HI I need cavity code thanks

Bart Weisser September 25, 2007 16:13

Re: driven cavity code
Sorry I didn't check this for a long time. Have you solved the problem already?

satty_00 April 17, 2014 11:19

Mr. Bart
Can you help me to solve a Bug , in Solving the 2D Driven cavity problem in C. Thank you

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