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Susan October 11, 1999 21:22

Engineering report
Hi, I go to Maritime College and I am a ME major. I need some definitions for a report and I can't find them anywhere. Can you help me, please? The definitions that I'm looking for are: Dimensionless Parameters, Basic Dimensions, Buckingham (3.14...) Theorem, Pressure Coefficient (Cp), Geometric Variables, Kinematic Variables, Dynamic Variables, Sheer Stress (or Drag) Coefficient, Darcy-Weisbach Equation, Resistance Coefficient. All these having to do with my Engineering 243, Transport Processing (fluids) class. I thank you for any help you can give.

John C. Chien October 12, 1999 12:34

Re: Engineering report
(1). Can't find them anywhere? You can find almost anything on Internet. (2). Get on Yahoo or the like, then type the key words you are looking for. Then you should be able to find everything related to it. (3). Internet is bigger than a book, or a library.

Rainer Kurz October 12, 1999 14:26

Re: Engineering report
The definitions can be found in almost any text book on fluid mechanics. The exception may be Darcy-Weisbach, which is an equation to calculate the friction factor for pressure losses in pipes.

Ali Habibi October 12, 1999 20:25

Re: Engineering report
Hi I looked at "Mechanic of fluids"(Irving H. Shames 1982) you can find what you looking for in chap.1,2,7,8.

clifford bradford October 13, 1999 14:08

Re: Engineering report
i find it strange that you fluid mechanics book does not have some or all of these definitions/formulas. you can try "Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics" by Munson, Young and Okiishi the library of congress call number is TA357.M86

things like this are best found in textbooks and not on the web.

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