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Milie August 10, 2007 06:01

CFD market
Hello everybody!!

I couldn't find two simple datas...

Do you know: - how much (average) does a CFD study cost if I ask a consulting povider to do it?

- how big is the CFD market nowadays? and the consulting part?

Could you help me please? Thanks a lot

any August 10, 2007 06:42

Re: CFD market
cost depends on the model and simulation... rates in US are $100-$200/hr... lower end for very basic study and higher end for complex physics..

Total CFD market is around $4 billion... that is s/w + consulting part.

Milie August 10, 2007 08:09

Re: CFD market
Okay, thank you!

I know that depends on the complexity, but a study of one week would cost 12 000 $ ? I though it was a little less..

Milie August 10, 2007 08:52

Re: CFD market
There was a topic in 1998 about the CFD market (market share, geographic markets, growth...). Does anyone have updated datas? or some references where I could find it? Thanks a lot for your answering

Adrin Gharakhani August 10, 2007 16:40

Re: CFD market
Curious how you came up with the $4B figure ...


any August 13, 2007 03:31

Re: CFD market
I read it in some management report in 2004.. it was around $2.5B then... with the kind of growth we have seen it would be around that figure.

Keith September 5, 2007 16:30

Re: CFD market
Can anyone tell me what are some of the CFD stocks I that give good returns.

Keith September 5, 2007 17:09

Re: CFD market
Please ignore last email I thought this website is about CFDs - Contract for Differnce (Financial Term)

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