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Praveen. C August 16, 2007 10:54

Visualize plot3d file
What are the softwares, preferably free ones with source code for Linux, that can visualize plot3d files?

I have tried to visualize a plot3d file for a "2-D dataset" using mayavi but it does not work. I can read the files but nothing is displayed. Can mayavi really do this, anybody has experience in this ?

ag August 16, 2007 14:49

Re: Visualize plot3d file
Well, you could try the Plot3d download at NASA. That may be restricted to US citizens, and I don't know your status. However, that would be my first option. If you are really desperate and have a plotting package that works for you using other formats, you could just write a simple translator - plot3d format is actually quite simple and is described in various places around the internet.

buliwoof August 22, 2007 07:41

Re: Visualize plot3d file
Hi, I have also made the choise of Plot3D. Now with the experiment I think that it is not the best format. There is a lot of comercial software who use Plot3D but a few free soft. Aniway if your use Plot3D in grid plus solution file you can use Parview. If you want to use only in grid plus function file you will need to recompile and use a own build module. Good luck.

Jake August 22, 2007 08:56

Re: Visualize plot3d file
Have you used Paraview to visualize Plot3D files that include iblanking? I looked into it but it does not appear the capability is there (at least this was the case about a year ago).

Monir September 1, 2007 20:22

Re: Visualize plot3d file
Ensight 8.2 and FieldView are two softwares adaptable to LINUX

Monir September 1, 2007 20:25

Re: Visualize plot3d file
Does anibody know how to create a flipbook animation in Ensight using plt3d data?

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