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Maolin Tu October 14, 1999 19:51

zonal hybrid mesh
Dear Sir:

Can you give me any technical information or reference about the "zonal hybrid mesh"? Most CFD packages, include Fluent and Start-CD, are now claim to be able to handle such mesh system. The modelling of air-fuel system in intake port of combustion engine is a typical application of such technique. Thanks

M . Tu

Scott Gilmore October 21, 1999 10:10

Re: zonal hybrid mesh
A "zonal hybrid mesh" is one in which one or more regions contain one type of element (cell), and one or more other regions contain another type of element. For example, you could have a region with hexahedral cells, another region with tetrahedral cells, and a layer of pyramids joining the two. This allows you to create hex cells where it is easy to do so (e.g., to maximize flow alignment and minimize cell count), and tet cells where the geometry is complicated. Thus, it is a good balance between cell count, solution accuracy, and meshing effort.

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