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Kasper August 31, 2007 05:12

Tee mixer
Hi Experts,

I'm currently looking at tee mixers. That is a jet inlet entering a main stream from the side (90 degrees specific).

In my case the purpose is to mix hot gas with cold fresh air. Say 400C with 50C (Africa for instance). The dimensions could be 5000mm main stream pipe diameter and 2000mm diameter fresh air inlet pipe.

I wan't to find some litterature on the subject. Does anyone have some papers or links to pages on this subject?

Thank you in advance

Kasper Skriver, Denmark

agg August 31, 2007 11:43

Re: Tee mixer
The following reference talks about tee mixers.

Forney, L.J., Nafia, N. and Vo, H.X. (1996). Optimum jet injection in a tubular reactor. AIChE Journal, 42 (11), 3113-3122.

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