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Gerrit Groot September 4, 2007 09:02

Panel Methods

Does anyone know a good detailed book (not a publication) about panel methods which is NOT:

Katz & Plotkin, "Low-Speed Aerodynamics from Wing Theory to Panel Methods"??

I would like to read some more literature on it apart from only this book, nevertheless, this is the only book I found.

Thanks in advance,


Praveen. C September 4, 2007 10:08

Re: Panel Methods
Many of the original papers are available online, search on NASA websites. Also see Prog. in Aerospace Sciences. I have seen some review papers in that journal.

James Date September 4, 2007 11:31

Re: Panel Methods
Look for papers by Hess & Smith

Gerrit Groot September 5, 2007 10:26

Re: Panel Methods
Thanks, I'll have a look on the NASA site. I already got the most import one by Hess & Smith, a very good one indeed.

I was just wondering if there're more books especifically about Panel Methods apart from the one by Katz&Plotkin, but seeing your answers, I suppose there aren't. I would like to see another point of view more, apart from the approach of Katz, as there are so many ways to do it.

My fear is that papers won't get in enough detail (the one from Hess&Smith is a welcome exception).

Anyway, I'll have a look on the web and thanks again for your answers. Any additional comments are welcome.


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