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John September 6, 2007 00:09

Unstructured Euler Solver
Dear friends,

Can any body help me to design a 2D unstructured solver or give me any guidelines...........


Praveen. C September 6, 2007 04:17

Re: Unstructured Euler Solver
CHeck out the book of Lohner, Applied CFD Techniques; it has lot of datastructures and also the book of Blazek. Also, you can see some existing code like NSC2KE (2-d and axisymmetric only).

Praveen. C September 6, 2007 04:20

Re: Unstructured Euler Solver
I have two 2-d codes which you can browse here

cell-centered code

vertex-centered code

John September 6, 2007 15:34

Re: Unstructured Euler Solver
Praveen, thanks for your helps .....

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