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Javier October 15, 1999 09:17

Transition Modelling
Hello everybody, I would be happy to have some feedback in the subject of transition modelling in external aerodynamics. I am mostly interested in your opinion regarding intermittency based two-equation models and other linear-nonlinear stability techniques such as the PSE and your view on wether the latter can be applied with industrial purposes into CFD codes. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Jonas Larsson October 15, 1999 10:04

Re: Transition Modelling
I hope someone will say yes to this... transition prediction is one of the big problems in industrial CFD. I suspect that the current PSE and intermittency models are not general enough to be used in a general purpose CFD code in industry. I'm not an expert on these model though so I hope someone else can give a more complete answer. However, if you are looking at a specific application it might be different. For example, when computing "classical" turbine blades you can use transition models and often get reasonable results. Do you have any specific industrial application in mind?

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