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kaan September 7, 2007 15:55

Kutta Condition in impellers
Can anyone explain what does Kutta condition mean in pump impellers? What is the importance of Kutta condition in impeller design? Thanks.

Gerrit Groot September 8, 2007 07:20

Re: Kutta Condition in impellers
Well I don't know what an impeller is, but the Kutta condition states (as far as I know) that a potential flow leaves an airfoil at the trailing edge (maybe I am not formal enough here, but that's roughly what it is about) and not on any other place at the airfoil, which could also be a perfect potential solution that fulfils Laplace.

This Kutta condition is something that is imposed on a potential flow solution in order to make it look like an external flow solution of a case WITH viscosity, while the potential flow solution is WITHOUT viscosity.

In practice this means, taking 2D potential flow as an example, that you look for the right rotation Gamma which gives you a streamline leaving the trailing edge, you use only that potential flow solution that fulfils this condition, because it looks as if there was viscosity.

In reality it is the viscosity that causes the flow to leave just there (see experiments by Prandtl in the 20's)

Corrections or completions on my answer are welcome

shlomy_shitrit September 29, 2009 04:57

Kutta condition implementation
I'm solving the flow around Naca 0012, in control volume. My questionis is how to implement the kutta condition practically. I know exactly what this condition means, but I realy don't know how to implement. Can anyone help me with this?

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