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Mohamed GUEROUACHE October 15, 1999 12:40

3 questions about STAR-CD

I have somme questions about STAR-CD and I hope that I wil find here at least one answer.

1) Is there some publications or notes on MARS scheme?

2) In a general mesh motion, an additional equation called "space conservation law" is solved for the moving coordinate frame velocity componenents (Methodology 13-4). What does this equation look like?

3) I have problem with ploting streamlines (even with the last release 3.1) after loading a specific iteration from file 29 (with TRLOAD Command). An error message saying that "Density was not storred" appears. Does some one find a solution to this problem?

Thanks a lot for eaxh person who can help me.

-------------------------------- Mohamed Salah GUEROUACHE

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Duane Baker October 19, 1999 09:52

Re: 3 questions about STAR-CD

answer to 2:

the space coservation law is given in Ferziger and Peric's and the references to an article by Peric and one of his students is in there.

best of luck................Duane

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