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Siddharth September 12, 2007 18:04

Navier Stokes solver
Hi all,

I am currently writing a navier-stokes solver to implement slip flow in a 2d microchannel. I have only been exposed to MAC and SIMPLE formulations to link the pressure-velocity coupling with basic BC applications .

As most of the microchannel simulations involve specifying a P_outlet/P_inlet ratio,inlet & outlet knudsen number etc I am in a fix because I just know how to apply a velocity BC on the inlet side and a fully developed condition on the outlet side.

Please can someone share some material or share some light on the above issues which might help me in coding the above boundary conditions.

Thanks and Regards Siddharth

Harish September 12, 2007 18:38

Re: Navier Stokes solver
If it is a 2d problem,why not use the vorticity streamfunction approach which will make it easier to not worry about velocity pressure coupling.

Siddharth September 13, 2007 01:06

Re: Navier Stokes solver

I know about the vorticity stream function approach and can be used. But I want to stick to pressure velocity coupling as that thing has to be extended to a 3d model.Also the validation to be done uses the BC conditions I stated in my original post .So voriticty-streamfunction approach is a strict no-no.

Also I have written my N-S solver which works well witth slip BC's and inlet velocity.I just want ti know how to incorporate inlet and outlet Knudsen numbers and inlet and outlet pressure in the code.


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