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willams October 17, 1999 13:31

simulation of mixing flow
Hi, everyone: we want to simulate air mixing flow in a chamber. Two air streams enter the mixing chamber perpendicularly and mix together. we put a static mixer in the mixing chamber to enhance mixing. Is it possible to simulate such complicated flow problem? How can we generate the grid? Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Shi Xuefeng October 17, 1999 16:21

Re: simulation of mixing flow
Hi, Your problem is not much dificulty. I think the most thing is you should have some soft.

willams October 17, 1999 17:29

Re: simulation of mixing flow
Thanks for your reply. yes, we can use some commercial software, but I think the challenge is we have a static mixer (maybe not a simple one) in the mixing chamber. I don't know how to generate the grid. How to give the boundary conditions.


Guosheng Kang October 17, 1999 20:07

Re: simulation of mixing flow
Hello Willams, could you specify the static mixer?

willam October 17, 1999 21:37

Re: simulation of mixing flow
The static mixer is four triagular tabs with each one fixed at the middle of side walls of mixing chamber.


jeruel October 17, 1999 23:30

Re: simulation of mixing flow
wil! is there a thing as a static mixer? me thought mixing is not static

willams October 18, 1999 00:46

Re: simulation of mixing flow
It means the components of mixer is static, not active.

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